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arly on the education and research level," Ibrahim told reporters. For his side, Feng said he is glad that the donations were made for the wellbeing of children in Syria. "Children are always the roses of the homeland and the nation's hope for the future," the ambassador said. China has recently offered help to Syria to figh7

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t against the COVID-19 virus. On April 15, China delivered the first batch of medical aid, including 2,016 COVID-19 test kits, to Syria. On June 4 and June 24, Syria received another two batches of medical supplies donated by China, including test kits, p9


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rtage. Noting some 20,000 medical staff from across the country have been sent to Hubei Province to treat patientsM

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, the meeting asked 19 other provinces to further step up medical staff assistance to Hubei while ensuring their lI

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ocal virus control. The meeting also stressed pooling strength to develop anti-virus medicines and vaccines and adw

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